Aquarius in Hindi tradition:Characteristics of Kumbha-Kethu

Por | febrero 22, 2011
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According to the Hindi zodiacal culture, the Kumbha sign natives are vigilant, confident and independent. They are guides, leaders and put great attention on influence the people surrounding him or her. Courage often leads them to act thinking in other people first and putting aside their own interests. Kumbhas are very organized.Kumbha

Their transit through life is unusual and their will makes them design their own destiny. Those who do not understand them think that Kumbha natives are weird and impenetrable. They are destined to enrich the existence of many, so that is why they always are looking for someone to share everything.

 Their success lies in having a high dose of patience: if they want a change at work, it will come by itself; if they want a partner, she or he will eventually come.

 Patience is their weapon, but they have to be sure about what they want and need because they afford to hesitate in this time of their life so this is the time to act, not to doubt. Their family is totally peaceful and agrees with everything, but their partner, if there is any, may have some discrepancies with the Kumbha native. The best thing it can be done is agree with the partner and make the first step to a successful life together.

There are no reasons to complain in work and money fields always that they fallow their instincts which usually lead them to succeed in life.Kumbhas do not use abuse their own health, but they are likely to have blood problems, so keep an eye on it!

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